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心,梵語 Hṛdaya - 積集精要的意思

Heart, Sanskrit Hṛdaya - signifies the accumulation of essence

  • 中文裡「心」和英文裡「heart」的用法相似

        The usage of "Heart" in Chinese is similar to the way in English.

  • 原指心臟,在此指「心要」、「心髓」與「核心」

        The original meaning is heart, but here indicating the 'essence of the

        mind,' 'core,' or 'central part

  • 如《心經》 Hṛdaya Sūtra

        As 'Heart Sutra' 

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Hṛdaya yoga 哈達亞瑜伽學苑 椅子瑜伽 師資認證培訓計畫

Hrdaya yoga Chair Yoga Teacher Certification Training Program

想成爲 Hṛdaya yoga 哈達亞瑜伽學苑認證的椅子瑜珈老師

If you are interested in become a certificated chair yoga teacher by Hrdaya yoga

需完成 Hṛdaya yoga 哈達亞瑜伽學苑 30 小時的 椅子師資培訓後

You need to completed 30 hrs chair yoga teacher training program from Hrdaya yoga


After the 30 hrs chair yoga teacher training program,

you need to accumulate a 3 hrs practical course with different content.

Once you complete above two conditions, you are allowed to apply for the certification.

No EXTRA charge is needed. One week for reviewing your application.

認證程序統一由 CHA CHA 管理,且必須在師資培訓課程結業後兩年內完成認證。

The certification process is uniformly managed by CHA CHA.

And the certification must be completed within

two years after completing the teacher training program.

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