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🌳 半自助舒適空間需要大家一起維護 

     Cha Cha House is a semi-self-service comfortable space, which requires everyone to work together to maintain it.

🌳 入內請脫鞋,鞋櫃在入門後右手邊 

     Please take off your shoes and put them into the shoe cabinet, which is on your right hand side after you walk

     into the space.

🌳 設備器材使用完畢後,請清潔消毒並歸位,若有損壞照價賠償

     Please clean, disinfect and return it in place once you finish using the equipment. Original compensation cost is      required if any damage occurred.

🌳 進退場時若有急需清潔,請使用空間內提供之器具 

     If there is an urgent need for cleaning when entering or exiting the space, please use the tools provided in the space.

🌳 使用完畢後垃圾請丟帶走,捷運1號出口前有垃圾桶

     Please take away the garbage after use. There are trash cans in front of MRT Exit.1.

🌳 個人物品請自行保管,如有遺失或損壞,恕不負責,敬請體諒

     Please take care of your belongings. Please note that we are not responsible for any loss or damage.

🌳 禁止飲食,飲酒、吸菸、使用火燭或任何危險易碎物品

     No food, No drink, No smoking. Flaming, any dangerous and fragile items are prohibited.

🌳 時間包含進撤場,空間使用請在規範時間內,務必準時離場

     The time includes entry and exit. Please use the space within the specified time and be sure to leave the space on time.

🌳 如超過使用時間,10分鐘起將酌收場地費

     If the usage period is exceeded, venue fees will be charged starting from 10 minutes.

🌳 離開前請確認設備器材電源及門窗(安全鎖扣上)是否關閉

     Please ensure power supply of the equipment is off, door and windows are closed with safety locks before

      leaving the space.

🌳 僅接受預約參觀,請聯繫官方                                           ,以免無人接待

     Visit with appointment only. Please contact

🌳 因應COVID-19防疫措施,有發燒、咳嗽等症狀者,禁止進入教室,避免感染危險

     In response to COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures, those with symptoms such as fever and cough are not allowed to

     enter the classroom to avoid the risk of infection.

🌳 單次改期需於付款7天內(包含第7天)申請,並於堂數使用期限內另行預約

     A single rescheduling must be applied within 7 days (including the 7th day), and make another reservation within the validity

      period of class.

・ 超過第8天,則會自動扣堂數(等同已使用)。

                After the 8th day, the number of lessons will be automatically deducted (equivalent to have been used).

🌳 長時間方案改期需於 30天內(包含第30天)申請,並於堂數使用期限內另行預約

     For long term plan, rescheduling must be applied within 30 days (including the 30th day), and make another reservation          within the validity period of class.

・ 超過第 31 日內即無法更改或取消訂單,不退還任何費用。    

     ​Orders cannot be changed or canceled within 31 days, and no fees will be refunded.

🌳 具有下列情事之一者,我們將解除或終止場地租借:    

     We will cancel or terminate the venue lease under any of the following circumstances:

1. 違背政府法令者。  

     Those who violate government laws and regulations

2. 違反公共秩序或善良風俗者。

     Those who violate public order or good morals

3. 演出活動項目與申請登記性質不符或將場地轉讓他人使用者。  

     The performance activities are inconsistent with the nature of the application for registration or the venue is             

       transferred to another person. 

4. 有損建築或設備,經勘驗不宜繼續使用者。    

     Those who have damaged the building or equipment, are considered inappropriate for using the space after inspection.

5. 其他違場地管理規則,經認定不宜使用者。

     Those who have any violation of venue management rules, are considered inappropriate for using the space.

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